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This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training consists of 12 days and is based on higher professional education level (HBO). You will get answers to ‘How you can successfully improve your processes’ and  ‘How you can apply the Lean Six Sigma methodology in practice’. In this training we will teach you the most important tools and techniques from the Lean Six Sigma methodology. You will finish this training as a ‘Lean Six Sigma Black Belt’. As a Black Belt you help organisations to improve and solve it’s performance problems. This will result in satisfied customers as well as employees and will benefit the organisations financial goals!


A (Lean) Six Sigma Black Belt is an improvement project manager, project auditor and internal coach. A Black Belt implements Six Sigma in the organization based on personal leadership and responsibility. Black  Belts  are ambitious passionate leaders and are able to create support. The right combination of leadership and knowledge of the organisation as well as business processes is essential.

This training is developed for anyone who wants to improve processes and structures in their organization and lead (Continuous) improvement projects.


Lean Six Sigma Belt is a program that starts on the day you sign up and ends on the day we call you a ‘Black Belt’. In our electronic learning environment (ELO), you prepare for the classroom meetings. During the classroom sessions, the work forms vary.

While executing your improvement project, we will support you in different ways. One of our Master Black Belts will be your coach. He or she comes to your workplace, you have contact via phone or MS Teams. If you need more coaching in your workplace, you let us know! We will inform you about the possibilities.

Because of the modular structure, you choose when you start following the modules. The lead time of the program is ultimately up to you. 

The Black Belt training consists of six parts:

  1. Lean Green Belt (3 days)
  2. Six Sigma DMAIC (5 days)
  3. Advanced Six Sigma Black Belt tools (3 days)
  4. Advanced Six Sigma Learning: Design of Experiments (1 day)
  5. Theory exam (1 part of the day)
  6. Coaching & Practical Exam



To become a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt you will have to complete a Black Belt improvement project.

The requirements of the project are:

– Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project structure

– Improvement potential per project minimum € 50.000

In our intake we will assess the potential of the project regarding the certification requirements.

After completion, an on-site audit will be carried out to determine whether the improvement method has been applied correctly and whether a lasting project result has been achieved. During the implementation of the project you can be coached at your workplace by one of our Master Black Belts (coaching option B).

For personal advice, call 033-3037332.


Package without coaching € 5,700

Package A with coaching € 6,900

Package B with coaching € 9,300

Prices do not include a cost of € 30 per day training (lunch, coffee, refreshments, etc). All amounts do not include VAT.


The training consists of 12 days. The times are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For the Lean  Six Sigma Black Belt training you can start with module 1 or 2.


Module 1 Lean: 10, 17, 24 May

Module 2 Six Sigma Green Belt: May 31 and June 7, 14, 21, 28

Module 3 Black Belt tools: July 5, 12, 19

Module 4 Design of Experiments: Sept 6